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Welcome to our patient-forum for people in the North-German region. 

We are an independent group of individuals believe in the healing power of this plant and we are dedicated to the exchange between each other for a better quality of life for everyone.

This page is aiming to help patients and interested individuals to mainly inform yourself but also to maneuver more confident in your therapy and meet like-minded people to answer your questions.

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Next meeting:

Wednesday, 26th of June 6-9pm @ „Q“ – Thadenstraße – Hamburg

We also strongly believe that the medicinal potential this plant holds is endless and not properly exposed to the general public.
It is not for everyone, but it might help a friend or family member as Dr Uma Dhanabalan (our medical advisor) would say!
With monthly meetings we try to create a save space for our patients in Hamburg/ Germany, people of all color, gender & religion are welcome! 
No racism, facism, sexism, nationalism or other form of disrespectful behavior, signs or comments tolerated.
We know that the consumption of cannabis can also carry risks. If you have more questions or concerned please don’t hesitate to contact our prevention & youth protection counciler.
The stigma against cannabis therapy as well as the general stigma against the plant & its benefits is still huge in our society.
Within our well informed, respectful and always knowledge hungry community we happy to go into our second year of monthly meetings and open dialog.